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Where have you enjoyed the best food? Is it at an upscale restaurant? Your grandma’s house? Or are you among the millions of people who travel each year in search of the best food? Dining or food travel is becoming more and more popular as people seek out the tastiest places to eat all across the globe. Here are the top three locations people visit for food travel!

USA: New Orleans and New York City!
If you aren’t feeling international travel, there may be delicious food right in your back yard! The USA boasts some of the most popular food travel destinations, including New Orleans and New York City. In both these US cities, you’ll find a mix of cultures, customs, and delights, from local traditions to fusion imports. Chef Andre Fowles is one of the many New York chefs bringing Caribbean flair to the US!

Oaxaca, Mexico
The city of Oaxaca, in Oaxaca, Mexico, is a the home of mescal, and the prime place for Mexican traditions like mole, molotes, and so much more! This isn’t just a great place for those from the US to stop by and visit, people travel from all over the world to sample the cuisine from this historic region.

Dominica, Caribbean Islands
If you want a foodie vacation without as many crowds, you’ve got to schedule a ticket to visit the Caribbean island of Dominica! This island does not see as many beach tourists, but is filled with natural beauty and amazing tropic food! Guava and pineapple grow right on the island, and the fresh fish is never fresher than you can find it here.

Are you ready to explore the culinary traditions of the world? If you can’t travel just yet, why not start in your own backyard and explore the local traditions, imported cuisine, and fusion foods available near you!