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Do you love food? If so, you may be up for a culinary travel adventure! Foodies love the chance to try new foods from unfamiliar places, but that food won’t always come to you. As your plan your next food travel trip, keep these tips in mind!

1. Make Reservations! Many of the best restaurants, culinary pop-ups, and dining experiences are limited, so make reservations whenever you can. This is especially true for limited time engagements or special events!

2. Dress in Layers. Nothing ruins a great meal like the wrong clothes! Nobody cares how fancy you look while sampling a spicy Jamaican dish full of Scotch bonnet peppers, but if you’re stuck in a thick, wool sweater, you’ll burn up! Layers allow you to switch from hot to cold, spicy to soothing, in just a few seconds.

3. Hydrate in Advance. How do you manage to stay hydrated without filling your stomach up with water? By preparing well in advance, of course! The night before your culinary travel, or the morning before you get ready to go, make sure to drink plenty of water. This helps your body to feel better and digest better—and yes, it can help you eat even more if you time it right!

4. Call Ahead with Allergies. If you have a serious food allergy, you may want to consider calling the restaurant or dining establishment you plan to visit before planning your travel. This can help you get familiar with the menu, and you may be able to place special orders in advance for the ultimate friendly food. Your server may or may not know the chef’s secret ingredients, but if you take the time to call and check (hopefully, not during the dinner hour!), you can feel assured that your meal will meet your needs.

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