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Unless you’re a major foodie, you probably first heard of Chef Andre from his work on Chopped! Andre first burst onto the competitive cooking scene in the US in 2016, as a finalist on Chopped, and has been a welcome member of the show on numerous occasions, including competing in the Chopped Champions competition. For a starter on Caribbean cooking and Andre’s backstory, Chopped is the way to go!

New York Caribbean

Chef Andre was featured on the limited talk show “New York Caribbean,” where he showcased some of his favorite Caribbean flavors and enjoyed the piano music of Monty Alexander. Check it out for a fun, musical treat!

Beat Bobby Flay

Who can beat the Flayster? That’s the question that Andre Fowles got to ask himself when he battled Bobby Flay in 2017—and again when he came back for more in 2020! Check out Chef Andre’s work, old and new, to see what has changed and the classics that he keeps the same. Would he face off against Bobby Flay again? You bet! Chef Andre will always keep boosting Caribbean food!

Food Paradise

What show should you watch if you love a little food media? If you like one-of-a-kind dining experiences, Food Paradise might be heaven! This show features some of the most unique dining experiences across the US, and Miss Lily’s was featured in the 2020 episode “Finger Lickin’.” Who was the fantastic chef behind this episode? Chef Andre, of course, who has been at Miss Lily’s for many years!